International Cooperation


International Cooperation

2020.1.12 Visitby Huang Weilun, Ph.D. student at California State University East Bay, California State University, and Chen Kang, Member of the International Deaf Sports Committee, Lecture: 2020 Taiwan Love Voice - Deaf Culture (Huang Weilun Topic: Bilingual Dual Culture Education) Chen Kang Lecture: How the Deaf Break selves and Get Out of the World)
2019.11.16 Jeffrey S. Bravin, Executive Director of the American School of the Deaf, and Joel Barish, Executive Director of the Deaf Expo, and Joel Barish, Host of the World Travel Channel, give lectures on the sharing of deaf culture in American Deaf Education in the United States
2019.11.1-2019.11.3 Ph.D. student Wu Qiaoxuan received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology for domestic graduate students to attend the International Symposium of Tokyo (IAFOR-ACE)
2019.8.19-2020.8.18 Ph.D. student Wang Xuanhui was awarded the Ministry of Science and Technology's "108-year subsidized doctoral student study abroad" and went to the Center for Preventive Education Risk Prairie Center at the University of Texas at Austin to conduct a study on "The Development and Effectiveness of Discipline Reading's Teaching Intervention"
2019.5.29 Visiting Associate Professor Xu Baoliang, Head of Preschool Education Department, School of Education and Science, Lingnan Normal College
2019.5.23 Associate Professor Xuan Na, Department of Social and Behavioral Applied Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, and 19 other people conducted academic exchange visits
2019.5.3-2019.8.31 Interview situation al-Hilda Ho, Ph.D. candidate of the Institute of Clinical Developmental Psychology, York University, Canada
2019.4.30~2019.5.2  Singapore Education Bureau Visits Taipei City for Dyping Education Study Group Members: Dr. Lin Meijun, Wang Yanyan, Zheng Wei, Liu Meilian, Ling Haoqiang Visit
2019.4.28~2019.5.2 Thailand KVIS Mr. Surakrai NANTABUROM, Head of Humanities and Liberal Arts Department (Team Leader and others) visit
2019.2.15-2019.3.31 Study of visiting chinese doctoral student Li Hengqing of Fujian Normal University
2019.1.19 Hyorg! This department Teacher Qiu Chunyu received AAIDD's International Awaed!!
2018.12.6 Ph.D. student Wang Xuanhui, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology 108 years "subsidized doctoral students to study abroad" (The Qianlima Project), to the University of Texas at Austin research for 12 months!
2018.11.7 Uppsala University Danielle Ekman Ladru(Associate professor in Social and Economic Geography, senior lecturer in Child and Youth Studies) and Ingrid Olsson(PhD in Psychology, senior lecturer in Education)


(Associate Professor of Political Sociology, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds)Dr.  Angharad Becket visited.


Dr. Pro Cooc speech Modeling Inclusive Education as an Outcome.


Chen Gongxiang, vice dean of School of Education and Psychology, Jinan University, Shandong, visited.


Professor James Russell Patto from University of Texas at Austin visit


Visiting Deputy Director of the Department of Special Education, Kansas University


The head of the Xiamen Xinxin Kindergarten Chen Jun visited the mainland


Dr. North CoocProfessor, University of Texas at Austinspeech Teacher professional development


Prof. North Cooc from University of Texas at Austin visits academic exchange for 3 months


Dr. Henrik Edgren and Ms Jenny Langwagen, Directors of Uppsala University, Sweden Visit


David R.Strauser Professor Special Speech Transition-Taking lllinnois Model as an Example


Prof. R. Malatesha Joshi, Professor of A&M University, Texas, USA, “Componential Model of Reading Applied to Different Orthographies” and Access


Department of Special Education The University of Texas at Austin Assistant Professor North Cooc visits


Guangzhou Qicong School Visit


Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Division for Early Childhood (DEC) CEO Dr. Peggy Kemp to the department's keynote speech "Hand in Hand: Cooperating with Family in Early Stage of Treatment"


Mr. Tony Low, Principal of Deming Government Secondary School, Singapore, and Director of Mdm Jiang Ling, Jiang Linghua, Head of Department


Visit by Dominican First Lady Advisor Ambassador Miguel Reyes S'anchez


GRACE L. FRANCIS  (Assistant Professor of Special Education George Mason University)


Dr. Hong Ruicheng, a doctoral student, received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology for a 12-month study at the University of Central Florida’s School of Education and Human Performance.


Doctoral student Wang Xinyi received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology to the University of British Columbia in Canada for 12 months


Li Wenge, Director of School of Special Education, South China Normal University, visits one semester (106 semesters)


Teacher Liu Xiudan leads 6 students to specialize in rural education in Weining, Guizhou, China


Doctoral students Zhang Jiarui and Feng Li interpret the top talent jump plan to go to University of British Columbia in Canada for six months


Dr. Helen Hanna (Institute of Childhood and Education Leeds Trinity University)


Zhejiang Provincial Special Education Center, Special Education Branch of Zhejiang Institute of Education, Hong Jialin, President, etc. Five Visits


About 20 students and teachers from Dr. David Strauser of the University of Illinois at the United States attended the special lecture "Contrasting Vocational Rehabilitation in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States.


Visit by Michel Lanners and Pierre Reding, Chief Education Advisor of Luxembourg


The Tianjin Special Education Visiting Group visited


Huang Yingyuan, master student, exchanges one semester at Osaka University of Education in Japan


Dr. Hong Ruicheng was awarded the 106th Maxima Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus



Doctoral student Wang Xinyi received the 106-year-mile plan from the Ministry of Science and Technology to the University of British Columbia in Canada



Ge Xinbin, deputy dean of School of Special Education, South China Normal University Dean of the Department of Special Education Dean Li Wenge, Zhang Hao, Zhang Haochen, Xiaoming Qi, etc., visited five people.



Dean of the School of Education, Guangdong Second Normal University Zhou Feng Director of the Department of Special Education Liu Baochao Professor


Dr. Wang Shilu, Deputy Director of the Department of Special Education, and Dr. Li Bo, a full-time teacher from the Department of Special Education, visited



Speech by Dr.Wu-Yi Hsie Promoting the teaching and learning of early literacy through coaching


Visit by Dr. David Rosenthal from University of Wisconsin Madison 


A group of 20 visitors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Prof. Lisa Dieker (Central Florida University, USA) Visited the Department


105 students Zhou Ruihe visited DongGuan University in Korea for a semester


Doctoral student Jiang Junhan receives the Maxima plan for a semester at Jyväskylä University in Finland


Four special education department students from the University of Changwon, Korea visited the department


Professor Zheng Jianhong, Vice Dean of the School of Educational Science, Lingnan University, visited the department


Prof. Taeko N. Wydell Special Lecture

(Brunel University, UK) "Characteristics of Developmental Dyslexia in Non-Alphabetic Orthographies: Implications for Remediation"


Lingnan University Teacher Shi Mengliang served as visiting scholar


Guizhou Institute of Engineering and Applied Technology - Cross-Strait Special Education Symposium


Zengjiang Normal College He Yunpeng and Dr. Zhang Minting visited the department.


The 2nd Malaysian Chinese Independent Chinese Language Education Symposium


Dr. Kevin Callahan, Dr. Heather Hughes Special Lecture

(University of North Texas Autism Center)

 "Functional Communication Training"


Dean of the Bijie College in Guizhou visited the department


104-year student Zhu Yaozu goes to Sweden's Hallamstad University to exchange students for a semester


President Zhanjiang Normal College, President Luo visited the department


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Maria Weigand gave a speech on Outside the door? Inclusion, integration or separation of gifted students


Prof. Asha K. Jitendra gave a speech on Meeting the needs of elementary and secondary students struggling in mathematics: Strategy instruction and visual representations.


Visit by professor Shiou-Min Chen from Suihur University


Thirty people visited the school, including Principal Vincent Fu Yiu Yeung, from the Hong Kong Youth College 


Visit by doctoral student Xiao-Meng Chen from East China Normal University


Visit by bachelor’s exchange student Nan Zhang from East China Normal University


Visit by 18 teachers, including the head of the Education Department at Minnan Normal University, Ling-Cong Zhang


Visit by various leaders, including Vice Principal Cai from the University of Jinan, Shandong


Master’s student Wan-Chun Huang visited the Ewha Womans University in South Korea as an exchange student


A group visited from the Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk Centennial School


Vist by bachelor's exchange student Zhizhi Liu from East China Normal University


Speech by Dr. Marion Porath


British scholar Prof. Lewis gave a keynote speech on The Relational Self: The Development of Typical and Atypical Social Understanding


Chinese regional conference on The Practice and Prospect of Gifted Education Action Program


Dr. Martha E. Snell from the University of Virginia was hired as a visiting professor


Visit by master’s exchange student Yin-Juan Yuan from East China Normal University and Minshi Wang from Beijing Sport University


Presentations on the analyses of applied behavior


Applied behavior analysis outcome exhibition


Support from 4 groups of senior supervisors (comprising 5 members) from the Hong Kong Education Bureau of Special Education


A group of 51 visitors from the Hong Kong Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road)


Visits by High-level managers from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission along with exchange visiting group of Taiwan Junior-High School Innovation Gifted Education


Departmental visit to the Kyoto University of Education


Sino-Japanese special education academic exchange 2011.1.16 —IARLD learning disability society conference


Annual IARLD Conference


Hong Kong visiting group




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