Department of Special Education, NTNU


I• A Brief History

To improve the educational opportunities and quality of education for the limited number of students with special needs is the commitment of the Department of Special Education. The master’s program was established in 1986 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, and the bachelor’s program was established in 1990. The two programs were merged into the Department under the first Department Chairperson, Professor Wu-Tien Wu, who had served as the chair of the master’s program and the director of the Special Education Center. The doctoral program was later established in 1992. The Department of Special Education has been cultivating a multitude of teachers and professionals in the field of special education for over 30 years.


II• Goals and Objectives


1. Foster exceptional special education professionals. The goal of the Department with all degree programs is to cultivate teaching, research, and administrative or leadership professionals in special education or the related fields at all levels. To fulfill domestic needs for the improvement of special education, the Department offers short-term in-service teacher training courses or master’s degree summer courses to foster special education professionals.


2. Expand academic research in special education. Our faculty has continually conducted research in all areas of special education, integrating theoretical, practical and methodologies in domestic and international research.


3. Guide the comprehensive improvement of special education and promote the social awareness of students with special needs. By providing seminars, publications, and in-service teacher training courses and by participating in practical implementation of special education, the Department advocates the most updated and evidence-based special education and promotes the social awareness and integration of students with special needs.


III• Characteristic


1. An Emphasis on the Integration of Theory and Practice

The Department faculty actively bridge theory findings and practice by pursuing academic research related to the experience of policy-making, and academic organizations. Many Department faculty act the leaders in professional organization and consultants for implementation.


2. The Comprehensive Cultivate All Levels of Professionals

The Department offers undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and continuing education programs and aims to train and cultivate the teachers, administrators, or academic researchers required at all levels of special education.


3. The Active Promotion of Academic Research

The Department faculty has been regularly publishing their research findings in both domestic and international periodicals. Since 1985, the Department has been publishing the Bulletin of Special Education, the oldest special education academic journal in the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI). Periodically, the Department also hosts academic seminars and conference to promote the implication of academic research.


4. An International Perspective

The faculty members hold degrees from Europe, America, and Japan. They regularly participate in international seminars and in international academic organizations. The Department has also sponsored the annual meetings of numerous international special education organizations. Lastly, the Department actively pursues academic exchange with sister schools overseas, and encourages students to engage in foreign exchange studies.